The Game – Pest Control (Meek Mill, Beanie Sigel, Sean Kingston Diss)

The Game – OOOUUU Remix “Pest Control” (Meeky Mouse & Beanie Sigel Diss) [Listen / Stream]



Notable Lyrics:

Yeah, take Beans back to rehab
On Instagram lookin’ like a mothafuckin’ bean bag
Flyin’ through Philly on them Wocky sticks
Punk ass nigga, I’ll beat you with a hockey stick
The nigga Hov gave you the game, you ain’t soak it
You was s’posed to throw up the Roc, not smoke it

The louder your scream, the wacker the verse
I put that dick chaser logo on the back of your hearse
They say the meek shall inherit the earth
So I went and dug your ass up ’cause Drizzy buried you first
And why you tryna pick on Wale?
You told me that you don’t fuck with Rozay