Lloyd Banks – Halloween Havoc 3 (Mixtape)

Stream and Download: Lloyd Banks – “Halloween Havoc 3” (Four Days Of Fury)


1. Headaches and Heartbreak (Prod. By Mr. Authentic)
2. Compensate (Prod. By Tha Jerm)
3. Money Crime (Prod. By PitThaKid)
4. Hunger (Prod. By Crazy T)
5. On My Life (Prod. By Mr. Authentic and ADM Beatz)
6. Already Made (Prod. By Ryan Alexy and Noel F)
7. Another Episode (Prod. By HeiroWayne)
8. Shooting Star (Prod. By Ty James)
9. Repetition (Prod. By HeiroWayne)
10. Parade (Prod. By Amazing SB and Farenheiht)
11. History (Prod. By Chuck LaWayne)
12. Owe It To ‘Em (Prod. By Tha Jerm)
13. Charge It To The Game (Prod. By Beat Butcha)
14. Safe To Say (Prod. By Formula 2)