• Mena718

    This new show will not last mark my words. because she wasn’t able to actually sit and think on how much of a horrible Person she is. They fired her and Vince ran and got her an Advil aka a show to shut her ass up. He babies her. Instead of him keeping it G and letting her know that her attitude sucks ass. she sitting up there really crying to the camera like she doesn’t know wtf she did. Your aggressive ghetto attitude did it. And to all y’all reading this ready to dispute, there 5 seasons of BFV. Watch that n you’ll see her nasty attitude. Hell , even google the real Pinterest war episode. She acts a complete IDIOT on that episode yelling and screaming. All the girls looking at her with disgust. FOH . U r you own worst enemy. She so ungrateful for her blessings and ppl out here struggling.